re: ghost shrimp

Yousefi, I tried to send this directly via email, but it bounced at the below
address, so this is the best way I could get it to you quickly.

>  From: yousefi <"mashalla@ppp@yousefi"@cris.com>, on 3/23/96 11:23 PM:
>  Hello, I would very much appriciate if you could let me know where to
>  find ghost shrimp, detect them, and harvest them. I would very much
>  appriciate your response, and if you would email me as soon as possible.

I purchase them as "feeder shrimp" at the aquarium store at the cost of 10 for
$1.25 (American).  I can place a few egg-laden females in a 10g tank with
plenty of nitrogen (5-10 ppm) and 24h lighting and I'll get green water and
baby shrimp.  I recommend that you remove the adults once they shed their skin
and add ramshorn snails to the tank to keep the algae off the glass.

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