Re: Dupla vs PMDD

On Sunday, 24 March 1996, Pat Bowerman wrote:

> Time-out! Go to neutral corners! I know better, but that has never 
> stopped me before. I have listened to both sides concerning the mini-flame 
> war over Dupla vs Poor Man's Dupla Drops.

Flame war?  I'm much too polite to flame anyone.  I'm not above the
occasional poke in the ribs, however.

> I  confess that I have enjoyed this
> debate. A few thoughts I would like to share with both sides: Neither of you 
> are necessarily right or wrong. George seems to be saying; Why monkey around 
> with something unknown, when you already know that Dupla's products work 
> well? His proof? His own plants, and thousands of other satisfied customers. 
> In addition, Dupla is widely recognized as a reputable company. Kevin's 
> argument? Dupla's products are ridiculously over-priced, and that there are 
> other less expensive products that will work equally well. Forgive me, if I 
> have misinterpreted either side.

Nowhere have I ever offered my personal opinion of Dupla products,
either in terms of quality or price.  You'll have to e-mail me for
that; I don't think it's appropriate for this list.  I started this whole
thing off as a comparison of several products, pointing out that the
Dupla Drops (and, in a follow-up, the tablets) seem to be deficient in certain
trace elements when adjusted for a certain iron concentration.  Since most
of us measure iron and adjust our dosing accordingly, I believe the comparison
is a fair one.  Any analysis is subject to interpretation.  Don't take
sides in this issue without doing your own thinking.

<Soapbox alert>
Why monkey around?  Well, you can turn off your brain, follow someone's
recipe to the letter, and cook an excellent meal.  It's the people that
dig into the theory of cooking, experiment with a dash of this or that,
and learn to create their own recipes that go on to become great chefs.
If you're reading this digest, I assume you fall into the latter category.
<end alert>

>      One more thing. We all acknowledge that certain fertilzers work better 
> in certain circumstances. Mainly, depending on your own tap-water 
> composition.

I think the issue of tap water composition is a red herring.  I change 125L
of water every two weeks.  In that time I compost or sell several kilos of
plant material.  There is no way my tap water or anyone else's (drinkable)
tap water can supply trace elements in those quantities.
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