Re: Dupla fertilizer/PMDD

Neil Frank says....
>I still think that the mixing of the apples and the oranges (the relative
>doses of each) is an important determinant.  It is also important to know
>FOR SURE if ALL the iron contained in the tablets, (and the laterite)
>actually go into solution. The same is true for the Dupla drops. Both you
>and Kevin are assuming that the dose of the tablet is based on a final iron
>concentration of 0.1. How did you decide this? I will concede that some of
>the trace elements would APPEAR to be in short supply if the later
>assumption is true. :-)

Yes Neil, I was assuming that all of the nutrients in the Dupla tabs
and drops are or would become available to the plants, that the metals
are chelated, and that George is not grossly overdosing with iron.
Perhaps this was foolish.

The nice thing about the PMDD is that one can see it dissolve into a
clear solution, chelates are included, and it is easily modified to
the requirements of each particular tank. One doesn't need to resort
to a series of linear equations to determine the optimum proportions
of the three Dupla additives. And it's cheap.

Thankyou ladies and gentlemen for your patience. I promise not to
mention the word "micronutrient" again this year.

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