Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #331

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>From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
>Date: Thu, 14 Mar 96 07:07:52 PST
>Subject: Re: Algae attack
>Pat, you did just the right things so far.  The only omission was the
>most important step of all, which is great algae eaters.   I would
>nominate the SAE (siamese algae eater) for champ and the
>farlowella/sturisoma complex for runners-up.  When you go to get a
>SAE make sure you don't end up with a pretender.  See the article by
>our own Neil Frank and Liisa S. in the latest AFM to get the real
>lowdown on the difference.   Dave

Sorry to bother you, but what's the URL of the AFM, 
(and what does "AFM" mean?).

By the way: I like this APD very much; it is much, much better than
any newsgroup I've seen!
AND: I connot receive one of the new newsgroups!  :-(


Gerard van Klaveren
(klaveren at bart_nl)