Care info svp

One of the local retailers has just converted about 5 of its precious huge
livestock tanks to live plants--and no "Bala Palms" or "Rose Hedges" here.
In addition to the opportunities this presents, I figure it is my
obligation to support their move.

For better or worse (though far from surprising), however, I was unfamiliar
with some of the varieties--and as many of you already know, my plant
library is woefully deficient.

So, could anyone tell me anything helpful about the requirements of the
following?  I apologize for spelling and misidentification, I just copied
the names from the tanks.

Borneo Fern, Trichromanes Jayanicum

Wildenowii Fern (selaginella)

Uraguay Sword (Muratius)--they wanted $20 for these!

Marble Queen Sword

They also had something labelled "Crypt"--they had 3"-4" red and green
leaves (the reddest plant I'd ever seen except in photos).  The leaves were
less than 1/2" wide and not ruffled at all.  Any idea what variety this is?

They also had "Hair Grass."  Could someone fill me in on the latin name for
this?  I want some sort of foreground plant--should I get this or keep
looking for pigmy chain sword or micro sword?

Sorry for all the questions, I guess I got excited.