RE:wiring 3 flourescent tubes

Michael, I agree with Didi Siochin in that you may do well
with only two efficient bulbs. I would like to recomend the
Aurora V lamp from Duro-Test(vita-lite). It is almost 30%
brighter than the ultra trilux. 2400 lumens in the 30 watt
size. The spectrum is similiar to the UTL, the CRI is 85,
and the temp. is 5000. The UTL temp is 6700. Don't know how
much that matters. They cost the same.  I have them on two
tanks and have had good results. I replaced vita-lites with
them and even though "eye" could not see the extra lumens
my plants seemed to.  As for 3 lamps on 1 ballast. I think
you would have to get an ICE Cap ballast $$$$. Just get
a one lamp electronic one.(Advanced or Magnatec)   Mike