Internet e-mail

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   Date:  6-13-95
   From: SYSOP
     To: All
Subject: Internet e-mail

Searchlight Uumail is now installed and ready to go.  All validated
members may send Internet e-mail and receive replies in their
personal mailbox.  Except for the method of addressing outgoing
mail, sending Internet mail is exactly the same as sending a local
message.  You don't have to worry about your Internet address; it
will be added automatically to your outgoing mail.

Your Internet address on Hortus Botanicus is <username>@<domain>
where <username> is your logon username with the spaces replaced
with periods and <domain> is hortus.bc.ca

For example:

       Hortus username            Internet address
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       John Smith                 john.smith at hortus_bc.ca
       J Smith                    j.smith at hortus_bc.ca
       Anne Marie Klein           anne.marie.klein at hortus_bc.ca
       Sysop                      sysop at hortus_bc.ca

To originate an Internet e-mail message while you are online, use the MAIL
command from the Main Menu. Then choose the SEND command from the submenu
which appears. Type the Internet address of the person for whom the message
is intended in the "To:" field.  Remember that the conventions for Internet
addresses require that these addresses contain no spaces.  (Note that, while
the address you type will appear in upper case, Searchlight will change it
to the conventional lower case after you save the message). Then type in
your message. When finished, use the <ESC> or ^Z key to end the message,
and choose SAVE from the submenu you will see. That's all there is to it!

To reply to a message, choose the <R>eply command at the bottom of the
message and follow the prompts.

Offline mail users:
(The following applies *only* if you are uploading a message with your
Offline Mail Reader)

E-mail messages should be uploaded to the MAIL conference listed in your
Offline Mail Reader (OLR). When composing a message in your OLR, you must
specify Internet e-mail by using a special syntax in the first line of the
message text:

Internet: <internet address>

Example: if you are sending a message to the sysop of the Searchlight
support board (in Cleveland), the first line in the message would look like

Internet: sysop at searchlight_com

Please note that this line is required *only* for private Internet e-mail
messages uploaded through your offline mail reader. It is not needed for
Usenet newsgroups. Reply to Usenet newsgroups as you would reply to a
message in any other conference: with the Reply command.

What you put in your offline editor's "To:" field is immaterial since that
field will be reformatted anyway when the message is uploaded to the BBS.
Most offline mail readers won't let you upload a message if the "To:" field
is blank, however, so leave it set to the default, usually "All".

NOTE: You may download this message (or any other message on this BBS) now
by using the OTHER command at the bottom of the message and selecting
DOWNLOAD from the submenu which appears.