RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #355

Subject: Temporary storage of plants. 

I have had good results with washing the plants carefully and removing all substrate, then wrapping them individually in damp newspaper or laying the damp paper down , placing the plants along the paper serially then carefully rolling the paper. The paper is then sealed in a plastic bag with enough air trapped to act as a weight-bearing cushion, then placed in a styrofoam box (as for fish) and placed in a cool place. 

This works in the field, the major damaging factor (as with fish) seems to be elevated temperature and duration of storage period longer than 6-8 days.

When replanting ensure all damaged leaves and roots are trimmed and don't forget to re-seed the new set-up with some of your old successful substrate as those micro- organisms make a major difference in my experience.

Good luck with the move.

Bruce Hansen.