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Paul Bucciaglia wrote:
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 10:48:15 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: Allergies

I have noticed a major increase in my 'hay fever' allergies this winter, 
but am not sure its due to the plants in the tank  
and the dermatologist didn't think it was a mycobacterium infection 
(wouldn't have responded to steroids, also had different appearance).  
Anyone had a contact reaction to their aquatic plants?

Why do you think at the plants only? In theory, you may be sensitive to any
of the chemicals in your aquarium. However, your dermatologist may try out a
simple patch test with some of the plants, and see if indeed they are
responsible for your symptoms. If you keep having an unexplained rash and
you seriously think at the possibility of mycobacterial infection, which is
a rare but possible problem in fishkeeping, you may want to have a skin
biopsy done before using cortison creams, which may temporarily reduce the
local inflammation (and help the spread of the disease) for any infections,
including mycobacterial.