Re: Cabomba question

Hello Olga:

I have similar setups to yours (low-tech, not "plant-oriented"),
and I am far from being an expert on plants, so I am sure you
will get other answers.  But here is mine.

The only variety of Combomba that I can grow reliably is one I
got from Delaware Aquatics which he calls "Super Cabomba". From
the Baensch Atlas, I think it is a variety of C. caroliniana, but 
I am not sure.  It has green stems, green leaves, and 4-5 whorls.

Even then, it took me a while to find the proper "location".  It
grows only in one particular tank, which I think is due to the
extra window light this tank receives (it is a high ligh-level plant).
Otherwise this tank is pretty standard. [30G, 95W tri-phosphor lamp,
79F, pH about 6.8, plain gravel substrate, etc.]

Now I have a question (really 3) for you.  Is the "ultra lume" you
mentioned actually the the "Phillips Ultralume 5000"?  And is this
lamp an effective replacement for the Triton and the URI Aqua-Sun? 
Is the chroma 50 an equivalent to the Vitalite?


> I really love the look of Cabomba and would like to have a nice, big
> healthy grove in my tank. Is there a certain kind that is easier to keep
> than others? What does Cabomba require to grow well?
> I have a 48 gallon with laterite in the gravel, and four 4 ft florescent
> lights, 3 ultra lume and 1 chroma 50. I'm running DIY CO2 through a
> powerhead. I use Tropica Master Grow fertilizer -- all plants are growing
> well. How does this set up sound for Cabomba? I want to find out before I
> get some because when Cabomba falls apart it really makes a mess in the
> tank.

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