Amano: Aqua Journal; N.A.W.vol 2

I just received some information from Aqua Design Amano which may
be of interest to some people here.

 "Aqua Design Amano is still very new to the international market. Our products
 are currently only available in Japan and Taiwan, however, we will soon be
 implementing a Mail Order system, for aquarium hobbyists all over the world. We
 will post details on our page soon! This will also include subscription
 information for the Aqua Journal".

 "Concerning the Aqua Journal, I regret to say, that at this point, The Aqua
 Journal is only available in Japanese. The Journal is packed with brilliant
 photographs of Nature Aquarium aquascapes, but we have not managed to regularly
 translate the text to English. I know, it's frustrating, but we ARE working on
 it! I ask your patience".

 "TFH Publications is scheduled to publish Nature Aquarium World 2, in the middle
 of this year. TFH Magazine, has also agreed to publish an Amano article each
 month. We hope that through this, we may bring more information and phtotgraphs
 of The Nature Aquarium to American hobbyists".

 "In Europe, Naturbuch Verlag will also publish Amano's second book in May. We
 hope to also publish it in French and Dutch".

Bill Edwards 
Survey Research Lab 
Arizona State University