Moving a Tank and Aquatic Plant Talk

Subject: Moving a Plant Tank

George wrote:

> heh, heh.  If you can wait two weeks, I'll tell you what I did. 
> are recarpeting our living room and the 85g rainbow tank and 100
> discus tank have to go while carpet is being laid.  I figure we'
> move the rainbows to the other rainbow tank for a while, take th
> tank down and set it up in another room as a temp home for the d
> take the discus tank down, lay the carpet, oh, yeah, paint the w
> while we have a chance, buy two NEW 100 g acrylic tanks, new lat
> mebbe a wet/dry for the 'bows, etc. etc.
> Oh, boy, dis is gonna be fun.

Go ahead... make us jealous.<g>
> And what do we do with all the plants in the meantime?

When I took down my 70G in Jan to install cables, ('nother story) 
I set up a 30G tank, and put the fish and as many plants as I 
could in that.  The rest I just let float (or sink as the case may 
be) in the other tanks around the house.  It meant that _none_ of 
the tanks looked great during the time that the 70G was empty, but 
the plants weathered the transition without a problem. Actually, I 
gave away about 60% of the plant mass that came from the 70G the 
day we installed the cables to all the "helpers".  The tank has 
never looked back.  I had _no_ algae problems even returning the 
entire fish load to the newly set up tank the same day it was 
replanted.  The plants took off like a shot.  The Lillaeopsis 
carpet settled back in beautifully, and it already looks 
overcrowded again.  (I'v _got_ to learn to prune better!)

I suspect that because the water conditions in all the tanks is 
similar, that there was little or no "shock" to their systems, and 
they were able to quickly take up where they left off.

The only casualty was a large and beautiful Boesemani who jammed 
himself under a piece of driftwood in the holding tank and killed 
himself.  Oh, and we almost lost my Striped Raphael down the sink 
when I asked someone to divide a huge Java Fern attached to a 
piece of diftwood.  He came tumbling out, squacking and chattering 
about the indignities of his situation, was picked up by the 
dorsal fin, and plopped back into the partially re-filled tank.  
He was _not_ a happy camper, but is no worse for the wear!


 Subject: aquatic plantsI 

> I have kept discus and neon tetra - cardinal tetra and
> congo tetra.  I enjoy the plant life as much as the fish
> and am seeking e-mail exchange from fellow hobbyists.

Welcome to the APD.  That's exactly what we do here... talk about 
aquatic gardening via E-mail!<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA