Re: Moving a Plant Tank

>From: George Booth <booth at hpmtlgb1_lvld.hp.com>
>> From: Bob_Hoesch at mail_fws.gov
>[moving a planted tank]
>heh, heh.  If you can wait two weeks, I'll tell you what I did.  We
>are recarpeting our living room and the 85g rainbow tank and 100g
>discus tank have to go while carpet is being laid.  I figure we'll
>move the rainbows to the other rainbow tank for a while, take that
>tank down and set it up in another room as a temp home for the discus,
>take the discus tank down, lay the carpet, oh, yeah, paint the walls
>while we have a chance, buy two NEW 100 g acrylic tanks, new laterite,
>mebbe a wet/dry for the 'bows, etc. etc.

The first time I moved my 55g, it wasn't heavily planted, so I uprooted most of
the plants and removed the gravel that wasn't immediately around the plants
that I didn't uproot.  The tank was probably only about 75 lbs. or so.  The
second time I moved my 55g, I had intended to do a teardown, so I did.  The
tank was only around 40 lbs. or so.

When I moved my 20g, I moved it with the substrate inside.  That was heavy.
The tank was probably close to 120 lbs. or so.

>Oh, boy, dis is gonna be fun.

Your chiropractor will love you.

>And what do we do with all the plants in the meantime?

I moved my 20g first, so when I moved my 55g, I just dumped all of the plants
in the 20g.  They survived, and one of my Cryptocoryne wendtii turned into
about seven C. wendtii while it was waiting to be re-planted.  I didn't even
bother to plant the 55g's plants.  Just left them floating.  The H. difformis
had the biggest problem with this, followed by the R. indica.  My anacharis
grew about 20 feet in 2 months and my H. polysperma took it well.  My crypts
wound up producing plantlets and my anubias, well, they just sat there.  The
Val. took it well, too.

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