THE BOOK about aquarium plants - "Aquarienpflanzen" by Christel Kasselmann

THE BOOK about aquarium plants 

"Aquarienpflanzen" by Christel Kasselmann, Berlin

1995 Eugen Ulmer GmbH, Stuttgart.
Book from the "DATZ-Atlantic" series.
ISBN 3 - 8001 - 7298 - 4. Language: German
472 pages including 494 colour photos. Price: 78 DEM.

It has arrived - the BOOK about aquarium plants !

The author Christel Kasselmann has been internationally known for years
as the very competent editor of the German aquarium plant magazine "Aqua Planta".
In addition she has written innumerable articles about water plants !

Christel passes on her experience from approximately 25 expeditions
to the tropics.

The first 48 pages describe the water plants' natural biotops including photographs,
interesting observations and water analyses from 12 different plant biotops.

The following 16 pages explain about the aquarium plants' general demands on
temperature, light, water, nourishment etc.

Some pages describing the propagation of the aquarium plants are included as well.

Aquarium plants from A to Z...
However the main section that covers 350 pages describes more than 300 aquarium
plants separately.
Information about scientific names, name of person who indentified the specimen,
meaning of name, extension is useful. A brief but exact description of each specimen,
growth and demands on water conditions is given as well.

All these plant portraits are the result of an absolutely unique adaption of
available literature. Nevertheless these portraits have been supplemented by data
from the authors own studies.

The book contains 494 colour photographs of very high quality. Nearly all the plants
are depicted with full-grown submerge leaves.

Christel Kasselmann has succeeded in producing a book that can be described as a
perfect mixture of natural knowledge, experience based on expeditions to the natural
biotops and years of intensive and enthusiastic studying of relevant literature.
This book has been meticulously put together with classic German care and attention
to detail.

In releasing this book, Christel Kasselmann has cemented her position as one of
the worlds' leading amateur scientists.

It is to be hoped that this book will soon be translated into English so that it
becomes the international reference source that it deserves to be. 

An indispensable book for aquarium keepers as well as water plant botanists.

Claus Christensen, Aarhus, Denmark

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