Subject: Fertiliser

Following is a formula which was developed by our local Chemist, Guru Gilbert.
It has proven particularly successful in bringing out the Colour Potential in the leaf.
It is for root feeding only and the solution is introduced by a syringe into the 
gravel.The shelf life of the Vitamin B1 is unknown in the solution so it is 
recommended to make up volumes sufficient for a month or so.
Component                                                 %mass
Ammonium Sulphate                                  61.0
Potassium Nitrate                                        10.0
Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate                    10.0
Ferric Oxide                                                  10.0
Magnesium Sulphate                                   1.0
Potassium DiHydrogen Orthophosphate   1.0
Ammonium Molybdate                                  0.5
Boric Acid                                                        0.5
Copper Sulphate                                            0.5
Manganese Dioxide                                       0.5
E.D.T.A                                                             5.0

Concentrate: 10grams in 1 litre  of water + 500mg  Vitamin B1(crushed fine)(note 
that all solids will not dissolve;just shake the bottle before making the "use 
Use Mixture: 5mls to 20 litres of water(shake well before filling syringe)
Current trials are with addition of Vitamin B12
Obviously,this is not suitable for undergravel type tanks.Take care if you wish to 
try the formula as a foliage feeder as the Ammonium content could kill the fish!
Eng Chuah    ANGFA(Qld)  22 Mar96