Re: Wiring three fluorescent tubes

 "Michael A. Rodgers" <michael_rodgers at mindlink_bc.ca> writes:

>Can anyone help me figure out how to install a third tube in my 
>canopy? I presently have two 30W T12's (Hitron full-spectrum) installed over
>a 33 gallon tank with  DIY CO2. 

What is the lumen output of your tubes? You could get away with only
2 tubes by using very efficient ones, like Ultra-Trilux. A 30 W of
these puts out 1880 lumens X 2= 3760, that's 30 lumens/liter. IMO that
should be enough esp since you have only 2" of clearance inbetween the tubes
and the water level. Is your canopy equiped with a good reflector ?

>I got a two-bulb electronic ballast, and wired in the water-resistant 
>endcaps,  but the single tube burns much less brightly than the two presently
>installed. The fellow at the  lighting store says this is normal. What can I
>do to get a single 30W  T12 burning at full brightness? Alternatively, would
>4 30W bulbs in a  fairly low canopy cause the problems I think they might?

I would be very interested in how to use a 2 bulb electronic ballast
with only one tube, too. Alternatively, you could get a single tube
ballast for the third tube. I haven't look for 30 W, but my local Home
Depot sells a 24 W single tube Advance magnetic ballast for $8.
 Didi Soichin
 didi at wwnet_com
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