SAEs and Lights

There are SAEs in Austin, TX.  They're at Amazonia for $2.49.  I bought the
first four.  There are about twenty left so they won't last long.  

On another note, I'm building a hood for my 100 gallon.  I was going to use
George Booth's hood design for my tank and use a 4 bulb 32 watt T8 ballast
and a 2 bulb ballast T12 ballast I already have.  This will give me 240
watts or 2.4 watts per gallon.  I was wondering if instead of the T12 I
could fit in another 4 bulb T8 ballast?  My tank dimensions are 72" X 18" X

Thanks in advance.


P.S.  If anyone near Austin wants me to snag some SAEs for them and is
willing to pay for them later, mail me.