Moving a Plant Tank

> From: Bob_Hoesch at mail_fws.gov

[moving a planted tank]

heh, heh.  If you can wait two weeks, I'll tell you what I did.  We
are recarpeting our living room and the 85g rainbow tank and 100g
discus tank have to go while carpet is being laid.  I figure we'll
move the rainbows to the other rainbow tank for a while, take that
tank down and set it up in another room as a temp home for the discus,
take the discus tank down, lay the carpet, oh, yeah, paint the walls
while we have a chance, buy two NEW 100 g acrylic tanks, new laterite,
mebbe a wet/dry for the 'bows, etc. etc.
Oh, boy, dis is gonna be fun.

And what do we do with all the plants in the meantime?