Re: Philly Connection

Hello Olga:

Delaware Aquatic Imports is in Newark, Delaware.  Just a very short
hop down I-95 from Philly. (about 25 miles, if memory serves) 

Mike (the owner) told me that he has no problem with customers
walking in, although his main business is mail order.  He
also told me he plans to open a "retail store" this spring specifically
for walk-ins.  Until then, I would give him a call first since his
hours are erratic.

Delaware Aquatic Imports
18 Anderson Rd.
Newark, DE  19713

> Does anyone out there live in the Philadelphia area? I have a friend in
> Philly who could really use some common plants such as Java Fern, Onion
> Plant and Water sprite. She's having trouble finding plants. I'm sure she'd
> pay for a few bunches. Please e-mail me if you have plants in Philly -- or
> know a good store for buying plants.
> Thanks, Olga
> in Vancouver, B.C.

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