fs: 110g Planted Aquarium

110 gallon high aquarium for sale.

The tank has been taken down and cleaned and is ready for pick-up (I will 
deliver within a reasonable distance from Allentown, PA. area).  All hardware is 
top quality, no expense spared in the setup of this tank.  Work is consuming 
most of my time and I know longer have the time to dedicate to the hobby.
The tank was only up and operational for 8 months.  All equipment is in 
excellent working order.
110 gallon high aquarium
Solid pine stand
Custom solid wood 4 bulb VHO hood, waterproof end caps, reflector and Ice Cap 
660 electronic ballast
Ocean Clear 340 Mechanical cartridge filter with extra filter cartridge
Ocean Clear 319 biological cartridge filter (needs new element)
Iwaki WMD40RLT pressure pump
Hawaiian Marine 25 watt UV sterilizer
Sandpoint Genesis II CO2 injector (bottle is fully charged)
Sanpoint Accurate 1 cable heating system 500 watt
Sandpoint Ultra Pure RO filter for use on public water systems
Vortex Diatom XL Filter (10lbs bag of powder)
(2) Aqua Clear 802 powerheads
(2) EBO-Jager 250 watt heaters
Supra 4 air pump
Wisper 700 air pump
Lamotte test kits: Nitrite/Nitrite refill/Iron/Carbon/Dioxide/Nitrate 
/Phosphate/Dissolved Oxygen all used once or twice at the most
Python water changer 75ft.
20 gallon complete hospital tank/hood/stand/Aqua Clear 200 filter
2 pieces of drift wood/gravel if wanted
many other extras

I paid well over $3,200 for all of the above equipment and am asking $1,600 obo.
If you are interested e-mail me at roacht at fast_net, call me at 610-774-6436 or 
page me at 800-617-6399.

Thanks, Tim