Re: phospholipids, pond scum and whisper filters

> From: JDAVIS at bio_tamu.edu
>  I think that one of the big reasons that there is a 
> problem with scum on the surface of the water is because we are not breaking 
> the surface of the water in attempts to keep the dissolved CO2 levels high.  


>   Personally i use cheap little 
> whisper-type filters that hang on the back of the tank that over flow with a 
> nice little waterfall when the water level drops due to evaporation.

I use the same filter but glue a sheet of flexible, clear plastic to the
outlet so that there is no waterfall. This still disrupts the surface
enough to break up the scum but minimizes noise and CO2 loss (I hope).

> From: Kevin Conlin <kcconlin at cae_ca>
> Subject: Fertilizer comparison

Very good comparison Kevin. I wish somebody could do a quantitative
analysis of Flourish as well. I believe it lists all (or most) of 
those ingredients but without concentrations. One point to note
is that Cu can accumulate in the tank and is probably not needed
or desired as much in aquatic vs. terrestrial application. That could
account for the difference in relative concentration of Cu in the
aquatic mixes vs. the other one.

Steve     in Vancouver