Mult posts, Amano

First an apology for the multiple posts of the question on 'surface scum' and 
thanks to those who responded..apparently I was too impatient and thought I 
had a problem getting mail to the list so kevin c. offered to post for me 
(thanks Kevin).

A question on the Amano book.  I just got it and the pictures of the tanks are
beautiful!  Unfortunately, most of the plants used are not identified and I 
wondered about the grass-like plant he frequently uses in the foreground.  I 
seem to recall reading that 'japanese hair grass' is not very suitable/easy to
grow submersed because its a swamp/bog type that grows emersed...is this wrong
or is there another type of 'grass' I could use that is suitable for submersed
growth?  Tank conditions are ph6.9,dh 6, 82degrees, co2, MH lights, 125gal.

Jim Morehouse
at Lucent Technologies
aljem3 at attme_att.com