Re: CO2

After dreaming about CO2 for a long time I picked up TFH for march and 
read Karen's article on CO2..  I heard something snap inside my head 
and went out and purchased a 20lb tank and a regulator for $200CAN.. 
Sound reasonable? I thought it was since most shops were selling systems 
with small tanks for about $300 - $350 with a reactor of course. 

So now I am on the fully manual Low Tech system :) For now I am just 
bubbling into the intakes on my aquaclears. Hopefully I can see what I 
can rig up for a zero waste reactor later on. I have seen Mr. Booth's 
Reactor diagram but I don' think I can adapt it to my hardware yet.

If I see any breathtaking growth I will post an update :)

Thanks to all members of APD!

Bryan Olynyk
ots at oanet_com