Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #346

On Monday, 18 March 1996, KB Koh wrote:

> No way. CO2 bottle system is one of the more expensive gadget for
> planted tank and if "cheap" is what you want, go with Yeast. Why
> skim on everything else and spend lavishly on CO2? I spend 10 cents
> for yeast setup fortnightly = US$2.6 a year. That is a lot cheaper
> than a year supply of CO2, and minus the overhead too.

Don't forget the cost of the sugar, and the baking soda if you use it.

I'm cheap AND lazy.  I spent a lot of time looking after the yeast;
the outlet was constantly clogging with cyanobacteria, I damaged my
tank stand when one of my bottles sprang a leak, and I was mixing up
fresh solution every week (a 500L tank needs a lot of CO2).  My new
system has been absolutely painless.  Now I can spend more time
pruning my plants, and taking the clippings to the pet shop for
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