Re: Limiting the size of incoming posts

I know that digests-within-digests are becoming an increasingly annoying 
problem; to this end, I'm hunting for a way to get Majordomo to reject 
all posts over a certain number of K.  

The problem is this: setting the max_length option to a smaller size would 
merely cause a new digest to be generated.  I'm investigating ways to get 
around this; right now it looks like the only way is to change the list 
to a non-digest format and then have folks individually set their 
subscription options to DIGEST.  

I don't know about setting a subject limitation; I'll look into that as 
well.  The problem I see with this is that some mailers (VMS, for one) 
don't provide a header-editing option; rejecting all posts with a "re: 
Aquatic Plants Digest"  would prohibit them from posting to the list.

I'll keep y'all posted on my progress.  Eliminating the repost of entire 
digests is my priority at this time but I'm a newbie to Majordomo and having
to do a lot of reading and conferring with Majordomo gurus.