Re: Allergies

I have noticed a major increase in my 'hay fever' allergies this winter, 
but am not sure its due to the plants in the tank, which flower only 
rarely.  I think Valisneria pollinates underwater; if thats true its 
unlikely that Val. pollen is the airborne culprit.  Its possible that the 
increased humidity from the tanks is increasing the mold spores in the 
air.  You can try tightly covering your tanks, or washing the walls with 
bleach (diluted, wear gloves!).

I have also gotten a very persistant rash from a 30 gal tank covered with 
Salvinia and Frogbit.  This rash cleared up with strong steroid creams, 
and the dermatologist didn't think it was a mycobacterium infection 
(wouldn't have responded to steroids, also had different appearance).  
Anyone had a contact reaction to their aquatic plants?

Paul Bucciaglia