Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #346

> Let me preface my comments by saying that I have a homemade wet/dry in my
> 100.  However, this is for a beginner who has never kept an aquarium before
> and so making their own is out of the question.  Also, their total budget is
> $400 and a wet/dry for $140ish is a bit much.  The problem I've had with my
> wet/dry is that the flow rate is too great and causes a great deal of
> surface agitation.  However, I noticed that almost everyone with a 55-70
> gallon tank on this list seems to keep the canister filter with great
> success.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
> - -Roni

I have an 80 gallon that was originally filtered with a Fluval 403 and 
RUGF.  Recently (around 2 months ago?), I tore down the tank and rebuilt 
from scratch.  As one of the components of "Boothanizing" my tank, I 
replaced the Fluval and the RUGF with a DIY wet/dry.  The wet/dry is 
without a doubt the nicest filter I've ever had.

Here's my list of percieved advantages:

  1.  It's easier to clean, so I clean it more often.
  2.  The "surface scum" is skimmed off without excess agitation.
  3.  Since I clean it more often, I now use 100 micron felt as a
      "standard feature", and my tank's never looked so clean.
  4.  Sumps are great!  Now my heater's hidden, and I built a CO2 reactor
      since I have somewhere to put it.

Here's a description of my filter (note that I bought some things I could
have made myself, so it's not neccessary to spend as much as I did).

  Amiracle pre-filter				$49 @ TFP
  Rio 2100 pump					$30 @ TFP
  5 gal. Coralife 1" bio-balls			$30 @ TFP
  Rubbermaid sump, tower, drip tray		around $15 at Wal-Mart
  PVC pipe, fittings, etc			around $10 at Home Base

If you're looking for designs, check out the Krib:

Feel free to ask if you'd like help building one... that's how I figured 
out how to make mine!


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