Re: Books, Isoetes


Were all cheering from the sidelines ... go ahead, quit your job and your 
other two hobbies and write that plant book ... goodness knows we could 
use a well written 'how to' book.


Ive propagated Isoetes successfully in the lab. What I did was to go 
collect some I. echinospora in the fall when the spores were mature. I 
then left them in the fridge for about 3 months. After that time I ripped 
open the micro and mega sporangia (at the base of the leaves) and mixed 
them in a test tube ... within a few weeks you could see many small 
plantlets forming. I was growing them on nutrient agar in test tubes. 
Windelov suggests using peat moss as a substrate instead of agar. Peat 
moss would probably be easier to work with.