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>From: Kevin Conlin <kcconlin at cae_ca>
>Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 10:55:21 -0500
>Subject: Poor Man's Plant Tank
>In the spirit of completeness in cheapness, I'm pleased to offer
>recommendations for a really cheap plant tank.  If you don't like

>CO2: spend some money here.  Yeast is a pain in the *ss and is more expensive
>in the long term.  Go to a welding shop and buy a decent tank, regulator,
>and needle valve.  We're talking compressed gas here; a failure could kill
>you or your fish, so don't cut corners.  I paid $CDN 200 (about $US
>47.99) for a 15lb bottle, regulator, and needle valve.  It was worth
>every penny.  Make your own reactor or bubble CO2 into the filter intake.
>Build the PMCI (Poor Man's CO2 indicator) to monitor CO2 levels, or
>squander a few bucks on a text kit.

No way. CO2 bottle system is one of the more expensive gadget for planted tank 
and if "cheap" is what you want, go with Yeast. Why skim on everything else and 
spend lavishly on CO2? I spend 10 cents for yeast setup fortnightly = US$2.6 a 
year. That is a lot cheaper than a year supply of CO2, and minus the overhead 
too. Don't get me wrong. My long term plan is for a bottled CO2, for the 
stability it provided. Wait till I draw up my 3 year budget plan first ;-)


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