Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #344

>From: schmaus at drmail_dr.att.com (SchmausJ)
>Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 11:49:39 -0700
>Subject: Allergies from aquatic plants?
>        Fellow Aquatic Plant lovers,
>        Has anybody ever had allergic reactions from their plant tank?
>        Over the last two weeks I've started getting asthma attacks whenever
>        I open the tank or, now, even go into the basement.


I know that Vallisneria is not wind pollenated.  The male flowers float
around and come in contact with the stigma of the female flower.  Its
pollen grains are too large to float in the air.  Anubias is pollenated by
insects.  If something from that tank is giving you asthma, I don't think
it is pollen. Do you have the opportunity to see if other tanks also give
you asthma, or is this one the only tank in your house?  Is there the
possibility that something else in the basement is causing the attacks.  I
used to have asthma, and I know that sometimes you do not get an attack
immediately after you have been exposed to the allergen.

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