Re: Filter Question

A wet/dry is not overkill for a plant tank. If you use a pre-filter on
a wet/dry and use a small one or make one yourself, there should be no
problem. The one concern I have with a canister filter is the
possibility of loosing some water flow when plant material is pulled
into the filter. I have this problem with power filters requiring me to
clean the tubes on a regular basis. When maintaing plants you will
always have some decay that you will miss. Old leaves die off and
replaced by new ones as the plant grows. If you don't cut it off, it
falls off and gets pulled into the filter. This can but not always
reduce the flow of the filter. When using a canister you have to be
careful because they can create too much flow and cause the loss of
carbon dioxide if they produce any sort of bubbles.

c/o sharon (shetaz)
happy tanking