Allergies from aquatic plants?

	Fellow Aquatic Plant lovers,

	Has anybody ever had allergic reactions from their plant tank?
	Over the last two weeks I've started getting asthma attacks whenever
	I open the tank or, now, even go into the basement.

	My giant val just recently produced several flowers, which is the
	only thing that's changed in the tank over the last two weeks.  I
	removed all of them I could find.  I am vigorously hoping that's
	the source of the pollen!  Otherwise I'll have to move out, or
	get rid of the tank!

	SO, has anybody ever heard of allergic reactions to aquatic plants?

	I've got:

		Anubias barteri, "normal" and nana varieties.
			Some of these have new blooms.  I hope it's not
			these, since I rather like them.

		Myriophyllum (I think that's what it is -- a sprig of it
			rode in with the bunch of plants I bought from
			George a few months back)  No visible flowers.

		Ludwigia.		No visible flowers
		Corkscrew Val.		No visible flowers
		Echinodorus Tenellus	No visible flowers
		Java Fern	<-- it's got spores, too!
		Giant Val		No flowers since I clipped them.
		Bacopa			No visible flowers

	Any ideas?  Are any of these known to be "aquatic ragweed"?