LAWSHF drops

>> >That's one reason that I wouldn't call the DIY fertilizer "poor
>> >man's Dupla drops"... Dupla drops do _not_ contain nitrate.
>> How about "lazy aquarist who starves his fish drops"
>That works, except LAWSHFD is a pretty long handle ;-)

As a "LAWSHF", I'd like to say that since I set up my 55g tank, my apple snails
have laid eggs 5 times and my platies have dropped so many babies that I have
no hope of counting them.  The only type of food I've added to the tank is
top-off water, Dupla 24 drops, a few AP plant tabs, and a little Tetra
FloraPride (in the nutrient injection system).

I consider my aquariums as indoor ponds now, and the combined low maintenance
and attractive looks make them well worth the initial setup effort.

I may soon move some of my ottos to the 55g and maybe get a few more ghost
shrimp to add there as well (ghost shrimp and apple snails seem to be a good

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