Sea Kelp

I have been trying to find the Microplex brand name micronutrient without
success locally.  I have come across a product called Floral Micro by General
Hydroponics but it has 5% nitrogen and calcium, which I think are two
undesirables.  It also has on average only 10% of the trace elements
Microplex has.  The stuff costs $10/pint.  Another product is sea kelp by a
company called MaxiCrop.  Has anyone ever tried this?  There is no break down
of trace elements just 'sea kelp'.  This stuff is about $9/quart and is
dilutted 2 tablespoons/gal.  The hydroponics people claim this stuff works
the best.  The question is, will something in there nuke my fish?

By the way, this is the most informative list on aquarium plants and I think
it deserves preservation for both the expert and novice.  We need to get the
novices to look at the archives for basic questions.

Rich, Tucson  AZ   || hextek at aol_com ||