Re: adding nitrates

On Friday, 15 March 1996, Neil Frank wrote:

> [from Karen Randall]
> >That's one reason that I wouldn't call the DIY fertilizer "poor 
> >man's Dupla drops"... Dupla drops do _not_ contain nitrate.
> >
> How about "lazy aquarist who starves his fish drops"

No one who's ever seen me feed my fish would ever accuse me of starving
them.  I've got 6 cardinals, 10 hatchetfish, 5 pencil fish, 4 gouramis,
5 African butterfly cichlids, 1 monster Anostomus, 3 farlowellas,
2 otos, 1 medium pleco, 4 ginormous bleeding hearts, 1 clown pleco, one
spotted raphael, 1 serpae tetra, and God knows what else in there, and
they're all fat.  I feed lots of rich frozen bloodworms and tons of
freeze-dried flakes.

And now, the punch line:

  I need to add nitrates precisely because I feed so much. 
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