Re: UGF Heating Alternative

> From: "Mark A. Bailey" <mbailey at crosslink_net>
> Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 19:29:17 -0800
> A couple of things:
> a. Since the PVC IS a good insulator, little heat would be lost during it's 
>    travel.  Therefore, the water in the tube could be maintained at a 
>    relatively constant temperature.

... and not much heat would be transferred to the substrate. What was
your point? 

> b. If the PVC is not a great insulator, the heat transferred out of the
>    tube, would be proportional to the temperature difference.  If the 
>    first foot were hot for some reason, less heat would be transferred,
>    saving the heat for the next foot.  This transient behavior
>    will eventually even out, again keeping the temperature in the tube
>    relatively constant.

You have that just a little backwards.  The greater the difference in heat,
the faster the heat transfer.  What you are saying is that food in the
regular part of a refrigerator would get colder faster than food in
the freezer.  I don't think so. 

> Recently, I was reading an article (unfortunately I cannot find
> the reference) where the author did this setup.

It was in AFM last year and the author, Earle Hamilton, is/was on this
mailing list. 

George Booth