Re: Pencilfish

> > I recently had an aquarium fish retailer suggest pencil fish to 
> > Has anyone out there heard of this? I decided to get three of th
> > posted on my experience.
> From: krandall at world_std.com (Karen A Randall)
> I keep 3 species of Pencils in 2 tanks.  They're very attractive 
> little fish, but I've never seen them eat much algae.  

I have a school of seven pencil fish in my 180 gallon planted
tank.  They are sensitive and very docile.  I know mine have
a preference for micro-pellets, and they have very small mouths.
They're great for plant tanks, moving in and out of vegetation in
the upper-half and surface; but you must have a very 
non-aggressive community.  

What do you feed yours, Karen?  I've never seen mine eat algae

cbay at jeppesen_com           Fort Collins, CO USA