Re: More on quality control

Dave Gomberg writes....

>There was a journal on computer performance.  To get it, you had to
>write an acceptable article.   What if we combine that idea with the
>idea of gating and let "qualified" writers join and post to APD and
>gate it one way to the news group (so everyone can read it).  If you
>want to subscribe to APD, you must submit an article or question
>answer to the editor.  If she says yes, you are in.  If he says no,
>there is some appeal board.  It is elitist, but justly so, I think. 
>Any thoughts?

Maybe Dr. Dave could set an exam for each and every APD subscriber.
It could be called APSAT. A pass you get to post; a failure earns
you a stint in the doc's summer school. That would be a tough

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