Re: Aquatic Plant Books

Thanks to all those who responded to my post asking for a list of aquatic 
plant books. I think Karen and Neil had the definitive answer when they 
wrote and explained that the AGA has a rather complete bibliography 
available. After some gentle prodding :-) I even got the necessary 
information to allow me to, hopefully, get a hold of this bibliography ... 
thanks Neil and Karen. 
As to the 'best' book available, personally I enjoy reading Sculthorpe's 
book even though it is old. The books by Barry James and Innes Scheurmann 
have nice pictures but the intros are so full of errors its almost funny. 
For me, a good plant book would have to have information on the ecology of 
featured species ... stuff like geographical range, water chemistry of 
the waters in which they grow naturally, substrate preferences, info on 
flowering requirements etc. Perhaps, as suggested in the latest APD, 
someone can take on this project and produca a book made in North America.

Dr dave.