Isoetes spp. - Quillwort

Dear Readers,

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has sucessfully (or
unsucessfully) maintained Isoetes spp. (Quillwort) in the aquarium or

I have just collected some (species unknown at this stage) from a perched
lake on Stradbroke Island (South-East Queensland, Australia) and have it
planted in a pot with some of the sandy substrate taken from the lake in
a garden pond, as well as in a 48" aquaria with a plug of the original

The species I have collected grows to about 60 cm in length, bright grass
green in colour, and is found in the littoral areas of Brown Lake.  It
appears to grow well in this very discoloured water, suggesting that it
is suited to low light, making it a potential aquarium plant.

Yours comments are most welcome.


Glenn McGregor
School of Life Science (Biology)
Queensland University of Technology

g.mcgregor at qut_edu.au