Re: Terrestrial Plant Supplements in Aquariums

I have a question for all you aquatic gardening experts. I've been examining
various plant supplements in plant nurseries for something appropriate (and
cheaper) for my aquatic plants. I've found a supplement sold under various
brand names that appears to be what I've been looking for. The incredients
are basicly the following: Alpha Napthalene Acetic Acid (.12%)   Zinc,
expressed as metallic - derived from sulfate (.10%)   Iron, expressed as
metallic - derived from sulfate (.10%),   Mangenese, expressed as metallic -
derived from sulfate (.10%),   Ethylene Dianime Tetraacetic Acid (2.00%),
Thiamine Hydrachloride - Viatimin B1 (.20%) (some brands don't contain
vitamin B1).  The bottle I have in front of me is sold under the brand name
Vita-B, but I've also found similar products from Green Light and others.
What are the opinions on this? Would the sulfur be any problem? I've used
these types of products when transplanting terrestial plants and when I
started reading the digest I started looking around for commercial products
containing the same trace elements mentioned. These products are relatively
inexpensive ($5.99/quart) compared to aquarium products ($3.50-$10/4oz.) and
look to be similar. Let me know what you think.
PacNeil at aol_com[Neil Schneider]