Upgrading Lighting

Hi, all!  Any advice or guidance on replacing the single florescent tubes in 
the plastic covers that come with new aquarium setups is greatly 
appreciated.  I'm setting up a 125 gal freshwater community, planted, Discus 
tank in a few weeks.  One of my last concerns is ensuring adequate lighting. 
 With every florescent aquarium light I own on top of the new tank, I still 
only have 105 watts.  Purchasing and retrofitting a full hood is too 
expensive at this time (ditto for MH pendents) and hanging shop lights over 
the tank is unacceptable (tank is in living room).  I'm considering 
purchasing one of the Coralife/Energy Savers Wizard electronic ballast kits 
advertised in That Fish Place catalog.   A kit for two T-8s or two T-12s 
will accommodate various wattage bulbs.  Is it true that you just glue the 
endcaps and bulb holders where you want them to go and stick in a bulb? 
 That sounds too easy to believe.   What's the catch?
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil
In wet and tornado-y Atlanta