Re: E. Horemanii Response to D Whittaker V1#334 et al

Comments relative to Brisbane(Australia)

I grow three variations of this sp;the green form,red form(var PISCES),red 
form(var Victoria)
1.Green Form:
    a.  Pond  450mm deep;100mm  of 2mm gravel base
         No direct sunlight;light diffused under trees.
         Optimum growth at 20-25C (our southern winter;8hrs of light)
         Propagation by i.flower spikes(then plantlets) alas! no fertile seeds(yet)
                                    ii.runner from rhizome(two per year about 300mm from           
                                       mother plant
     b. Tank   1800mm X 600mm X 600mm: 100mm of 2mm gravel base
          Light: 3 X 50w Philips Dichorics:300mm above water surface
                     time: 6am to 9am(on)-(off)-4pm to 6pm(on)
                     tank receives diffused daylight through Polycarbonate roof sheeting

          Ditto results to (a) but no runners only daughters from rhizome points

2. Red Forms:

     Ditto conditions to above
     a. Red form(var PISCES)
         Leaf shape is unlike E. H (green),closer to E. Uruaguansis i.e long                  
         Ditto to (1) but no runners at all;prolific flower spikes(no fertile seeds yet)up   
          to 8 plantlets per spike;very vigorous plant with deep(almost                           
          black)magenta/red colouration 
      b. Red form(var Victoria)
          Leaf shape is closer to E.H(green);muddy red/brown
          Only plantlets from flower spikes so far

General observations:
   I. Cold water species (15 to 25c) This is the KEY TO REPRODUCTION
  II. Dislikes direct sunlight(probably related to rise in temp)
 III. Heavy feeder(I only use an inorganic developed by our local "guru" )
      250mm pot requires feeding every two months-repot every year after                
  IV. The red forms are unsuitable for planted show tanks as they DOMINATE