More options again. <g>


 >> Here's a thought.  What if we ask that people who respond to
 >> questions that we feel are too basic to be of interest to the whole
 >> group respond to those messages privately.....

 Would it be possible to get a small core of volunteers here to do this in a
 kind of rotation?  That way we could all be sure the questions were being
 answered and at the same time insure the friendliness of APD, as well as
 insure no one person gets burnt out by having to do it all the time.  Maybe
 even modify the header of the list to include who is responsible for answering
 for a given period and a very brief bio.

BTW to anyone who is new to aquatic plants and lurking, please do not let these
discussions make you feel awkward asking a beginner's question.  We were all
beginners at one point in time and we are all still learning.

Oh and I did finally manage to get to rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants, having
done so and living in a rural area where I have to pay for connect time (no
local internet provider) I can definitely state I'll look in from time to time,
but it is altogether too time consuming for my taste and I much prefer the APD.

Doug Valverde 75051.160 at compuserve_com -or- dvalver at ibm_net