I know many folk are weary of newbie questions, but here goes anyway.  If
you had to pick one title for a financially challenged aquatic
plant-keeper, what would you recommend?
1) yes, I know that the financially challenged should stick to collecting
gold coins, rather than aquatic plant-keeping
2) yes, I have read the FAQ info on books, I just thought that this sort of
discussion might be helpful to those of us newbies who are tuned in
3) Long ago I purchased the _Barron's Aquarium Plants Manual_ by Ines



P.S.  One book I have that I own that has about 30pp on plants, though
mostly focused on FW fish is offered by a CT clearinghouse currently for
US$11.95+$3 S/H:

van Ramshorst, J.D.  _The Complete Aquarium Encyclopedia of Tropical
Freshwater Fish_.  US$11.95.

I'm in no position to evaluate it, but if you want info on the
clearinghouse, let me know.