Re: phosphates

On Thursday, 14 March 1996, Dionigi Maladorno wrote:

> Thank you! Do you have the phone number of a gardening-grade mail order
> supply where I can get the trace element mix (at a lower price than the fish
> supply brands) and the potassium salts? Also, do you think I may substitute
> the HCl with vinegar (easier to find and handle)? 

Where are you located?  I can give you a number in Montreal, but there are
probably less expensive places closer to you.

Don't use vinegar.  If you'd rather not play with HCl (which doesn't
work well anyway; I'm trying to get some sorbic acid for my next batch),
keep the stuff in your refrigerator.

> I gave a look at the content of the CENTRUM vitamin+minerals tablets that my
> wife takes. They seem quite rich in micro-nutrients.

Yes, they are.  In just the right proportions for humans.  And they're
probably sugar coated.  They might work well mixed in fish food.

> They are also cheap,
> especially because she buys them.

In the long run, agricultural chemicals are much cheaper.  I bought 750g
of trace element mix for about the price of a small bottle of vitamins.
If I'd ordered a 50lb bag, the cost per gram would have been far less.
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