Bio-filters, and APD Options

Subject: Bio-filters, and APD Options
> A word of thanks to all who tried to rescue me from myself.
> And now a couple of important points.
> 1. That would be Mr. Pat Bowerman. I am pretty sure. I am not th
> that makes assumptions, it would seem.
> 2. I would love to lay my hands on some SAE's, but sadly they ar
> available in NW Arkansas.
> 3. What is everyone using in their filters? Karl Schoeler recomm
> aquarium gravel for my canister. I was wondering if bio-balls mi
> better.

Bioballs will work fine too, but why spend the money?  Gravel is 
cheap and works well.  Remember that the bio-filter needs of a 
fully planted tank are minimal.

> 7. Have our experts always been experts? Perhaps there was a tim
> that long ago probably, when you folks were beginners and would 
> all your books just to have the privilege of reading the posting
> like this.
> 8. I would hope that whatever shortcomings I have in expertise, 
> compensate for in other ways. Perhaps by making this list a frie
> humbler place. One ant alone can not move much, but ... well, yo
> rest of the story.

Please be aware that you are seeing a bunch of postings right now 
by people trying to answer some real problems the list is 
experiencing.  Some of the posts may have sounded exclusionary, 
but having known most of the regular posters on this list for 
quite a while, I don't think that was the intent.  They are simply 
looking at all of the various options.

This list has _always_ been open to newcomers, and and I think 
that they have almost always been handled in a kind and thoughtful 
manner.  I think everyone here is here because they enjoy sharing 
their hobby with others.

Subject: What are the options

Doug Valverde wrote:

> I can well understand where Karen is coming from, BUT I am not s
> solution.  And BTW she is not the only one.  Karen used to be in
> aquatic plant section on one of the Compuserve forums.  After aw
> tired of answering the same question 10,000,001 and one times.  
> grow in this hobby, especially if you specialize in plants you n
> more actual information.  Some of the post here are great in tha
> especially the post by our Aggie friends who are studying photos
> example.  But all too often, and increasing in frequency are the
> questions and what do I do about it" questions.  Unfortunately, 
> caliber of people that we have here that is a natural question, 
> lead to learning.  Kinda of a been there done that type of thing
> the newsgroup.

Here's a thought.  What if we ask that people who respond to 
questions that we feel are too basic to be of interest to the 
whole group respond to those messages privately rather than on the 
list?  I know I have several newer aquatic gardeners that I help 
through E-mail "on the side".  Without anyone saying it to them, 
they realized that their questions might not be of interest to 
everyone, and E-mailed me privately.  I'm sure I'm not the only 
one who does this.

You had some interesting "food for thought" in the rest of your 
post too. (As I slowly chew away ;-)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA