gateway to the newsgroup

Shaji said:
> I've given up on the two-way gate idea since it's unpopular, but I have
> idea for a one-way gate that I think might help the newsgroup without hurting
> the mailing list.
> * Enroll rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants to the Aquatic Plants Digest
>   mailing list using an email->newsgroup re-director.

This sounds like a great idea! It may be the best way to keep a different,
more focused level of discussion going in the APD, satisfy those people who
prefer to receive mail (or find it difficult to access the newgroup or don't
enjoy sorting thru all the drivel), but still give the broader newsgroup
audience a chance to see the APD. It also avoids all the elitist options of
limiting membership to the mailing list, asking people to post their years
of aquaristic experience, number of published articles or to list their
advanced degrees. 

We need to remember that it doesn't take much to become an expert in the
aquarium hobby. On so many topics, beginners know more than the 'seasoned
veterans' and without the infusion of new blood or new ideas, all of the
discussions would stagnate. Another important point is that so-called
advanced aquarists may also need to ask the same questions as a beginner, so
we shouldn't constrain the type of questions that people can ask. Finally,
our hobby is so vast that we can all be a beginner one week and an expert
the next. I know this from personal experience. :-)

Neil Frank                 Aquatic Gardeners Association,  Raleigh NC