Re: Anubias with yellowed leaves

Olga in Vancouver writes....

>Now I have a non-technical question. My Anubius (the living plastic plant)
>are developing yellow leaves -- the old ones and the new ones. I'm thinking
>that this could be nitrogen deficiency. It's definately *not* iron and my
>fertilizer adds all the other trace elements. Anyone else have a problem
>like this with Anubius that they cured?

Yes I did and came to no definite conclusions except that it was an
imbalance of some sort -nitrogen or phosphorus.It could be almost
anything. I changed the water and added some hydroponic fertilizer.
In one case I went back to a garden fertilizer which seemed to bring
better results. I sometimes wonder how well mixed are the dry components
of the fertilizer.

By the way, I think that closing the List is a bad idea.  Not all
newcomers to the List are inexperienced. Maybe the trick is to keep
questions and answers succinct.

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