What are the options


I can well understand where Karen is coming from, BUT I am not sure of the
solution.  And BTW she is not the only one.  Karen used to be in charge of the
aquatic plant section on one of the Compuserve forums.  After awhile you get
tired of answering the same question 10,000,001 and one times.  In order to
grow in this hobby, especially if you specialize in plants you need more and
more actual information.  Some of the post here are great in that regards,
especially the post by our Aggie friends who are studying photosynthesis, as an
example.  But all too often, and increasing in frequency are the "I have algae
questions and what do I do about it" questions.  Unfortunately, with the
caliber of people that we have here that is a natural question, but it does not
lead to learning.  Kinda of a been there done that type of thing.  Same with
the newsgroup.

To me the real question is HOW do a group of people who are generally
interested in plants and the detailed questions of how and why get together and
from an advanced discussion of plants, do that without opening up the floor to
startup questions.  You don't want to close membership, as there are always
people you don't know about that have excellent information (Karen remind me to
tell you about a gentleman I have recently "met"), and you also do not want to
be so elitist that people with less experince and/or knowledge can learn, so
what are the real options.  Ideally there would be a newsletter (due to its
accessibility) that allowed anyone to read, but only specific people to talk,
but is that even possible, and if so, how do you add new members to it?  Some
sort of test?

What I do know, and no offense to anyone, is that the very basic how to
questions have become increasingly prevalent and the top notch information on
this newletter have reduced.  I respond infrequently as I deal with the how to
questions on a daily basis, don't need more, so what is the answer.

Beats me, but I am sure open to suggestions and comments.  And referal to
Eric's collection is not the answer, the questions still get asked and not
everyone has access.

BTW, if anyone is interested in forming an advanced newsletter with a limited
membership and no basic how to questions allowed, and membership controlled, I
would be interested.